Supreme Mobile Wash - Mobile Power Wash Service
"Give your home a facelift" 
Supreme Mobile Wash offers our residential customers professional pressure washing and exterior cleaning of stucco, wood, brick, siding, patios, sidewalks, driveways roofs and gutters. We pride ourselves in our ability at restoring the look of your home and bringing you complete satisfaction. We are always careful in selecting the right amount of pressure and proper solutions for cleaning dirt, mold, mildew, algae and other unsightly stains. We use state of the art equipment and have the experience to make your home as clean as possible without risking damage to your property. damages.
A clean house is a healthy house. With time, the exterior surfaces of a home start to accumulate build up from dirt, grime, algae, mold, mildew, bird droppings and other unwanted substances. In addition, natural causes such as ultraviolet light rays, wind and rain aid the physical attack on surfaces causing discoloration, oxidization and other degradation. House washing is a basic and essential part of caring for your property and protecting its value.
Supreme Mobile Wash uses high grade, 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly agents specially designed to eliminate mold and mildew while also removing dirt and other pollutants.
Many of our regular customers employ a maintenance plan and have us wash their houses on an annual or semi-annual basis.
We use hot water and a degreasing chemical that is plant friendly!!
Driveways, steps and sidewalks stained from dirt, mud, tannins (leaves), gum, oil and spills can be the most challenging surfaces of your home to clean. Our cleaning expertise will restore the look of your sidewalks, steps and driveway, often with dramatic results.
In addition to restoring their appearance, cleaning your driveway, steps and sidewalks will improve home safety and liability concerns.
It takes experience to achieve optimal results for a neat and uniform appearance. Our specialized tools use 200° hot water and high pressure (3500 – 4000 psi). We also use specialized surface spinners designed to maximize cleaning on flat surfaces including concrete, pavers, exposed aggregate and asphalt.
Just like other areas of your home, driveways and sidewalks should be cleaned at regular intervals to maintain a pleasant and inviting look.
Wood decks and fences in time begin to break down from the elements and contaminants like dirt, leaves, mold and mildew that create an unsightly film that can become extremely slippery. All decks, even low maintenance decks, require regular cleaning to keep them looking and performing their best.
We recognize that wood is a very delicate material, so when cleaning decks and fences we use hot water and a low pressure cleaning technique to prevent splintering and other maladies.
Supreme Mobile Wash. will leave your deck clean and provide an outdoor living space to be enjoyed with family and friends.
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Gutters have one purpose, which is to control water around your home. Clogged and leaking gutters can cause serious damage to your home.
If debris keeps gutters from doing their job, you can experience a variety of problems. Clogged gutters are the number one cause of basement water problems, due to roof water overflow that accumulates around the foundation. When this happens, the foundation wall can weaken the footing and lead to foundation wall cracks. Water back up from clogged gutters can also cause moisture damage to the fascia around your house. If gutters are left uncleaned this can lead to the worsening of a rotted area. Other examples of clogged gutter damage are slippery sidewalks, cracked driveways and ground erosion.
Our systematic approach is designed to achieve the best result and involves the use of carefully positioned ladders and gutter guards to protect the gutters from scratches and dents. We then clean the gutters using a high pressure technique and hand washing where necessary. We also flush downspouts to with high pressure to ensure all water is free flowing. All of the debris from the gutters will be cleaned from the walkways, patios decks and lawns.
Having your gutters cleaned annually is a great preventative maintenance option that can save you against serious water damage and potentially costly repairs.
Preparing surfaces for painting can often be more of a task than the actual job of painting. For paint to properly adhere to a surface it needs to be clean and free from dirt, oils, grease, mold, mildew and old flaking or loose paint. By making your surface clean it will give the primer and paint a good surface from which to bond.
Power washing is an excellent method for old paint removal and cleaning of the exterior surfaces of your home prior to painting.
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