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Barn Washing and Disinfecting

Supreme Mobile Wash specializes in washing and disinfecting poultry and dairy barns thru out Southern Ontario. As of right now our clientel consists of over 60 different customers and continually growing.

We arrive on site with 600 gallons of water, 2-5 sprayers, hot water and 500 feet of hose length on each reel so we are capable of washing any size barns.

More pictures are available here.

Our disinfectant we are currently using is listed below:

Biosentry 904 is a disinfectant with wide virucidal, bactericidal and fungicidal activity spectrum. It is effective in poultry, hatchery and other premises (horses and swine livestock farms) and greenhouses (for the control of human pathogens). Biosentry 904 disinfects in 5% organic soil load and is also effective in 400 ppm hard water.

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